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Saratoga Spring

It’s spring break at the college, so I took a #FridayFieldTrip on a Tuesday and visited Saratoga Spring in Death Valley.

My GPS worked great to get there, which is good because there’s no sign from 127 of where to turn. If you do decide to visit, look for the historic marker for Wade’s Exit, that’s the turn off 127.

Saratoga Spring is a place in the park I’ve never been before, way south in Death Valley.

The desert wildflowers are in bloom out there. It’s not quite the super bloom from last year, but there were some amazing fields, seemingly endless, of yellow flowers.  Sprinkled around were others, purple, white, and pink.

I also got to see the endangered Saratoga Spring Pup Fish, too. There’s are two pools near the old road (now a walking path) and there were huge schools of pup fish. The water, colored red by some mineral or maybe just the mud, didn’t allow for great pictures of the little guys, but the schools were huge, not like the small numbers at the Wildlife Refuge.

There was also the remains of a small cabin, perhaps a miner’s cabin? There wasn’t a sign to explain what it once was.