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Science Fiction Science Future

14484703_10154442615101145_7425799612937787987_nThis week’s Friday Field trip was to the Springs Preserve and the installation of the traveling show, Science Fiction Science Future. It’s a hands-on installation geared toward the kids, but I’m fine having a play date. You pick up a wristband and throughout the exhibit you can scan it for additional information. It’s fun, but not continued all the way through.

Anyway, the exhibit is filled with lasers and robots and scanners and holograms. Lots of things to push and crank and see.

I really liked the video of what different decades thought the future would be. It goes back to the late 19th century. Some of what they wanted has come to be, some of it, not yet. But, that’s one of the great things about speculative fiction, it’s what we believe might happen. And, based on the concepts of Law of Attraction, I think the speculation creates the future. It was a nice field trip.

I also wandered the gardens and visited the Butterfly Habitat. That’s always a pleasant experience.

Nevada Museum

This weeks’ #FridayFieldTrip was a trip to the Springs Preserve and the Nevada State Museum. It was just too hot to walk the 4 miles of trails–the Preserve had heat warning signs posted. So, I’ll have to visit again to explore the gardens, tortoise habitat, and all of that.

For this visit, I stuck to the inside stuff. There’s an exhibition on how “light” works that was hands on and great for the kids. I revisited the local history area with new respect for the recreated adobe home (after visiting the Lost City Museum a few months ago). I always like the land auction exhibit with the lifelike statues that talk.

13886291_10154295530901145_6672053814264455477_nMy new experience though was a visit to the new home of the Nevada State Museum. It’s been open for a while, but this was the first time there for me. The old museum had dusty diorama set ups that were a bit sad. Yes, all the stuffed animals made it into the new space, as did the wonderful fossils and fossil castings (like Christopher, here) but so did talking holograms, cool video installations, hands-on mining exhibits, and wonderful, brief story boards written in great prose with lots of pictures. There’s also an excellent retrospective of the history of gambling and casino life, too. Kudos to the curators and anyone else who helped to create this exhibit.

On this trip, we became members of the Springs Preserve, so I suspect there will be many more Field Trips there over the coming months.