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Gay Flash

GayFlash2016It’s been pretty hot here in the desert these past few weeks. I just couldn’t bring myself to leave the house for my #FridayFieldTrip this week. So, I stayed in and compiled a collection of flash fiction pieces, which I’ve now sent off to my editor. These stories will become a second volume. The first volume is Gay Flash: Eleven Flash Fiction Moments.

Gay Flash includes eleven gay flash fiction pieces for readers who like gay-themed fiction. Funny, poignant, and fast, these flash stories will make you chuckle and perhaps make you think. Plus, there’s an opportunity inside to download my novel, Flash Mob, the first novel in his Broadway series, for free.

Gay Flash is available free on:

24 Symbols
Page Foundry

Gay Flash Two: Eleven (more) Flash Fiction Moments will be available soon.

Happy Reading.