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Get Lost

I was out for my Friday Field Trip (#fridayfieldtrip) looking for another Rock Art site in the Pahranagat valley and I couldn’t find the turn. I was close to where I wanted to be, I knew that, but it was frustrating not to find the exact location. So, I continued on my stubborn way, thinking it must be just up the road, until I arrived near the top of a mountain. The benefit of my keep-going-ed-ness was this view:

Ash Springs

Those plants represent a sheer cliff face and the view is out back toward Alamo, Ash Springs, and bit more of the valley.

Nope, no rock art this week, but a great, back country adventure driving some tight, mountain roads, a great view, a few hours driving, which I love, and a bit more of Tolstoy’s Anna Karenina from Audible. Not a bad Friday Field Trip.