Mt. Irish

20160701_145131Spent my Friday Field Trip exploring some of the rock art (petroglyphs) at the sites around Mt. Irish in Nevada. It’s one of my favorite things to walk in sites where I know that ancient peoples have walked.

So many folks talk about the idea that America doesn’t have history like Europe. This is partially true, we


certainly don’t have the architectural history of European cities or China or Egypt or the Middle East. And, yet, we do have a long history of human activities in the US.

Research indicates that people have been living at Mt. Irish for nearly 2000 years: “the numerous petroglyphs, along


with scatters of chipped and ground-stone, pottery and rock shelters, suggest the sites were occupied from 1000 B.C. to the 1860s. Most of the petroglyphs are of the Great Basin Representational system (A.D. 1-1500) often depicting bighorn sheep and deer.” (

We do have a rich history, it’s just different from other parts of the world.

20160701_135504I’m often alone on my field trips, but on Friday there were lots of folks visiting Mt. Irish, maybe because of the July 4th holiday weekend. It’s a mixed blessing to see people. Sometimes it’s nice to talk to them, but mostly, I’d rather just be on my journey without strangers.





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