Mob Museum

Today’s #FridayFieldTrip was a long overdue visit to the Mob Museum here in Las Vegas. The museum is housed in the old post office/court house, built in 1933. It’s so rare to be able to visit something old in Las Vegas, because we blow things up and bulldoze them down to build the latest thing. The building is on the National register of historic places, and they’ve done a great job maintaining the integrity of the building while creating a museum space.

The museum collection was both interesting and disturbing. It’s about gangsters and police, so there are some rather graphic images of dead guys, not to mention electric chairs. But all the exhibits were well written, even thoughtful. Each one was a standalone piece.

While the information is interesting, and there’s an attempt to create a timeline, it felt to me that there’s a lack of through line to the collection. I don’t know that a comprehensive story was told of organized crime in America (or even Las Vegas). It was simply a series of snippets. Of course, most art museums don’t present the entire history of art, either.

Cleveland was mentioned several times, but none of my family members were named, so that’s a good thing.

I left there feeling a bit sad and uneasy about the world we live in. Maybe that’s the point?

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