Manuscript Review

Once your book is written it’s time for feedback. Hopefully, you’re part of a writer’s group or critique group where you can get feedback on your writing, honest feedback. So often, folks write a book and ask a friend or family member for their opinion. Not wanting to hurt the writer’s feelings, they tell them it’s great and offer their support. That’s what family and friends are for, right? But, what most writer’s require is an honest opinion of their writing: what works, what doesn’t work, and suggestions on how they might improve their work. That’s what Gregory does. He’s honest (and tries to be as positive as possible) and professional and can review your book with fresh eyes.

Gregory has published nonfiction and fiction. He’s been part of small and large critique groups for many years, he has spent time as President of the Henderson Writers’ Group (a large, long-term critique group), he holds a BA in English Literature, and is just a few classes away from finishing his MFA in creative writing.

What Gregory will do is read your manuscript in digital form and provide both in-line comments in the margins and a 10 Point Overview at the end that offers comments and suggestions on flow, character, plotting, hooks, readability, grammar, and more.

For more information, including pricing, contact Gregory.

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