Friday Field Trip

Are you out and about, taking a break from the daily grind, and exploring the world? The #FridayFieldTrip is a great way to fill your well of inspiration.

Spend time in nature, see art, listen to music, take a hike, sit with a sketch pad, take pictures.

When you share your experiences with your friends on social media sites, use the hashtag #FridayFieldTrip

Why take field trips? Well, they’re fun! And they fill your artist soul.

In The Artist’s Way, Julia Cameron encourages us to take a weekly field trip. I got in the habit and then fell out of the habit. Now, I’m back to weekly field trips and my life is more fun and interesting. I’ve got great pictures of the stuff I’m doing. I’m sharing a lot of my field trips with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and in my blog. They’re excited about where I’m going and now, more of them are taking field trips and excursions of their own, filling their own wells of inspiration.