Frenchman Mountain

14639660_10154462256221145_8011709889762182361_nThis week’s Friday Field Trip was to Frenchman Mountain on the eastern edge of Las Vegas. It’s easy to get to, offers a great view, and, because it BLM land, it’s okay to quarry for trilobite fossils. I got there, enjoyed the view, but didn’t find any trilobites. I did discover a few cool fossils, which after some debate with a geology friend, we believe they’re actually a Cambrian era coral.


I suffered a little slip and fall, scraping my knee pretty good and bruising my hand. It could have been so much worse. The my feet kept going over some slippery rocks and down I went. It’s amazing to me how quickly those things happen.

Anyway, I’ve got a few more fossil sites I plan to visit in the coming weeks. I’ve got this thing about trilobites and I hope to find some more great examples for my collection.

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